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TCAP & Arteria AI Media Release

​AI solution to manage complex document processes for the private and public sector driven by Arteria AI & TCAP 

21 May 2024

The Commercial Advisory Partnership (TCAP) is proud to support the implementation of Arteria AI’s data-first solution for managing complex document processes in industries across Australia and New Zealand. 

Trusted by some of the world’s largest organisations, Arteria AI's digital documentation infrastructure solution optimises legacy manual processes by structuring data throughout operational processes around documentation and decision-making processes for all stakeholders with a highly intuitive user interface. 

Arteria AI’s platform has been deployed at some of the world’s largest, top-ranked financial institutions, and TCAP will be the Australian-based arm for sales, systems interface, implementation and ongoing support for the platform to large corporations and organisations operating within the financial services sector as well as the public sector, infrastructure and broader service industries. 

Arteria AI has been named One of the 100 Most Promising AI Companies in the World by CB Insights, has recently been recognised as a 2023 Finovate Awards Winner, and as one of three identified companies in Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Applying Generative AI to Banking” report. The partnership announcement comes as Arteria successfully closed its USD$30M Series B funding round in October 2023. 

“The combination of TCAP’s local knowledge and commercial expertise and Arteria AI’s platform offers companies in our region greater opportunities for meaningful digital transformation in their document processes,” TCAP Partner, Ross Alexander said. 

“Modern documentation infrastructure and intelligent documentation is a key area of focus for many of the enterprises we serve, and having been aware of the team at Arteria and the company’s development for some time, we are excited to finally bring its proven capabilities to organisations in the Australian and New Zealand market.” 

Arteria Co-Founder and CRO Abrar Huq has overseen Arteria’s implementation into large, complex global organisations. "We’re committed to helping TCAP establish Arteria as the leading documentation infrastructure platform and accelerate adoption in Australia and New Zealand," said Huq. 

“The TCAP team have a well-earned reputation for bringing value to a diverse client base across multiple industries and we look forward to our working partnership to find additional applications for our technology and continue our growth momentum.” 

TCAP will support the implementation of Arteria’s data-first solution for managing complex document processes in industries across Australia and New Zealand through: 

  • Making documentation processes easier: ingestion of legacy documents using AI, automated document production into a central repository for storage of digital contracts for retrieval, record keeping, amendments, and linking data elements to internal systems for broader organisational processes. 

  • Ongoing workflow and compliance: provides full visibility and tracking of complex workflow processes, streamlined negotiation on and off-platform, ease of editing for renewals and repapering, adjustments for variables and any compliance requirements. 

  • Easy multi-user access and collaboration: intuitive user experience and a no-code platform to create new documents, workflows, and dashboard reports.  Highly flexible and easily integrated allowing both internal and external stakeholders to collaborate.  

Commencing immediately, TCAP will offer the full range of Arteria’s solutions to clients. Organisations interested to find out more and explore how Arteria AI could assist your businesses can contact TCAP for a demonstration. 

About The Commercial Advisory Partnership 

TCAP is a strategic and commercial advisory firm serving public and private sector clients on infrastructure, operations, and complex services projects. We provide commercial advisory services across the project lifecycle from strategy and business case to procurement and delivery, through to operations and contract management.  


About Arteria AI 

Powered by data, Arteria AI is trusted by the world’s largest enterprises to transform client document processes at enterprise scale – working smarter and faster to maximize revenue and save time and cost. 


Corporate Contact: 

Ross Alexander 

Partner, The Commercial Advisory Partnership 

+61 407 124 578 


Media Contact: 

Ross Alexander (The Commercial Advisory Partnership)

+61 407 124 578

Derek Howard (Arteria AI) 

+1 678 781 7215‍ 

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