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TCAP Careers: Where Commercial Advisory Meets Impact 


Curious about a career in commercial advisory? 

Commercial advisory involves providing specialised strategic, commercial, and financial guidance for projects or transactions for the public or private sectors:  


  • Economic infrastructure, from rail and roads to energy powerhouses. 


  • Social infrastructure, like hospitals and schools that shape communities. 


  • Complex services, such as public transport, facilities management, and tech solutions. 

We value attributes that make a difference 


A thirst for knowledge and growth: Our projects are diverse and full of unique challenges. From reports and workshops to financial analysis, there's always something new to learn and master. 


Stellar communication and interpersonal skills: Teamwork is key in our line of work. Building relationships, fostering teamwork, and articulating ideas clearly are vital. 


Problem-solving prowess: We're all about asking the right questions, analysing situations, and crafting compelling recommendations. 

Why Choose TCAP? 

Flexible working arrangements: including part time roles and hybrid working. 



Varied Experiences: Dive into multiple industries, sectors, and services. Whether it's health, education, technology, or more, you'll gain invaluable experience. 



Dynamic Work Environment: Every day at TCAP brings new challenges, evolving projects, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

Degraves Street Melbourne

The TCAP Difference 

Functionality You Will Love

Pioneering Spirit

TCAP is a fresh, innovative firm, giving each team member the opportunity to shape the organisation from the ground up. Contribute to building a positive culture and enhancing our operational processes. 

Strong Teamwork

Our smaller size means you'll work closely with every team member. Team leaders are hands-on, fostering a collaborative, knowledge-sharing environment. 

Making an Impact

TCAP's founders are passionate about what they do, and it reflects in a team dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our clients. 


Full time, part time, returning to work, flex leave; we operate in an agile way to reflect the realities of working life. Ready to embark on a career that offers both personal growth and a chance to make a real impact? Join TCAP, and let's create a brighter future together.  

Who we are looking for

We are seeking commercially like-minded people. 


You may have worked at another consulting organisation in infrastructure, transactions, or public sector advisory. You may have worked for government in delivery of major government projects. You may have a background in complex services procurement or outsourcing.


You may have experience in bidding for major government work. You may be a lawyer, an accountant, or an engineer.   


Whatever the case, you will preferably have had some experience in commercial advisory work and have decided that this is the area in which you would like to grow your career, talent, and opportunities. 


If you have the hunger and desire, we will ensure that you have the support to succeed.  Your success is our success. We want our team to be talented, motivated and supported. 

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Opportunities and Roles


Our Directors typically have 15 years' experience and as senior members of the firm will:

  • Lead teams and support large scale infrastructure and complex services, or systems projects.  

  • Support the Partners in providing strategic, commercial, and financial advice for clients. 

  • Grow and manage key client relationships.

  • Provide support and guidance to Managers and Analysts.

  • Drive and support the development of business cases. 

  • Establish knowledge within the firm and with external clients in emerging areas.

  • Contribute to business development opportunities with Partners.

Senior Manager/Manager

Our Senior Managers typically have 10 years' experience, and our Managers typically 3- 5 years' experience. As a Senior Manager or Manager you will:

  • Support large scale infrastructure and complex services, or systems projects.  

  • Provide strategic, commercial, and financial advice for clients. 

  • Manage key client relationships by participating in high quality client deliverables.  

  • Assist with the development of business cases. 

  • Ensure compliance with legal and financial requirements. 

  • Develop documentation and materials across all stages of the infrastructure and project lifecycle. 

  • Develop reporting processes, procedures and internal controls for the purpose of maintaining the efficient flow of processes. 


Our Analysts typically have 2 - 3 years' experience and will:

  • Develop financial and commercial models and analysis. 

  • Contribute to the development, tendering and execution of infrastructure projects. 

  • Assist in preparing business cases and investment decision support. 

  • Assist with contract and commercial negotiation strategies. 

  • Identify and deliver effective solutions to drive commercial and financial performance. 

  • Prepare budgets, reports and forecasts. 

Reach out to us

Reach out to one of our Partners for a discussion. Nothing to lose, right?

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