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TCAP Careers: Where Commercial Advisory Meets Impact 

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Curious about a career in commercial advisory? 

Commercial advisory involves providing specialised strategic, commercial, and financial guidance for projects or transactions for the public or private sectors:  


  • Economic infrastructure, from rail and roads to energy powerhouses. 


  • Social infrastructure, like hospitals and schools that shape communities. 


  • Complex services, such as public transport, facilities management, and tech solutions. 

We value attributes that make a difference 


A thirst for knowledge and growth: Our projects are diverse and full of unique challenges. From reports and workshops to financial analysis, there's always something new to learn and master. 


Stellar communication and interpersonal skills: Teamwork is key in our line of work. Building relationships, fostering teamwork, and articulating ideas clearly are vital. 


Problem-solving prowess: We're all about asking the right questions, analysing situations, and crafting compelling recommendations. 

Why Choose TCAP? 

Flexible working arrangements: including part time roles and hybrid working. 



Varied Experiences: Dive into multiple industries, sectors, and services. Whether it's health, education, technology, or more, you'll gain invaluable experience. 



Dynamic Work Environment: Every day at TCAP brings new challenges, evolving projects, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

Degraves Street Melbourne

The TCAP Difference 

Functionality You Will Love

Pioneering Spirit

TCAP is a fresh, innovative firm, giving each team member the opportunity to shape the organisation from the ground up. Contribute to building a positive culture and enhancing our operational processes. 

Strong Teamwork

Our smaller size means you'll work closely with every team member. Team leaders are hands-on, fostering a collaborative, knowledge-sharing environment. 

Making an Impact

TCAP's founders are passionate about what they do, and it reflects in a team dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our clients. 


Full time, part time, returning to work, flex leave; we operate in an agile way to reflect the realities of working life. Ready to embark on a career that offers both personal growth and a chance to make a real impact? Join TCAP, and let's create a brighter future together.  

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