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TCAP is proud to support the implementation of Arteria AI's data-first solution for managing complex document processes in industries across Australia and New Zealand.

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Change the way you approach document management

Powered by data, Arteria is trusted by some of the world’s most well-known organisations to transform client documentation processes at an enterprise scale – working smarter and faster to maximise efficiency, save time and cost, and manage risk and complexity.

Reduce costs. Improve efficiencies. Manage risk.

Arteria delivers fast and intelligent processing for your documents, saving costs, boosting revenue, and enhancing the overall documentation experience. All the while providing valuable insights and managing risk across the business.

Checking Text on a Document

You’re spending a lot of unnecessary time and money on documentation creation and management

Arteria automates the process of document creation through dynamic, configurable intake forms data feeds from your upstream systems.

This dramatically reduces both the effort and the time it takes to get to a first draft and start the negotiation process, which streamlines the process, saves you costs and increasing your speed to market.

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Complex, uncontrolled processes are leading to risks in your organisation

Arteria controls the process of document collaboration and negotiation through workflow management, which streamlines the negotiation process, ensures that authorisations are adhered to, and approvals are efficient and timely. Every step is recorded for audit and tracking purposes to allow for process improvements and addressing any bottlenecks in your document creation workflows.

Office Employees

Your documents are stored in multiple places, are hard to retrieve and not always up-to-date

Have all your documents at your fingertips. Never have to worry again if you have the latest version, with robust version control and tracking. Users can work on your documents on Arteria or off-platform in the traditional manner.

Build on previous documents or repaper a whole document cohort easily and quickly to store in a centralised repository. Arteria ensures that data is integrated at every point of the process, and that your organisation can respond quickly to any regulatory requests or changes.

Organized Files

The size and scale of document relationships means that compliance and performance are hard to manage

Get full visibility into your document portfolio at all times with automated status tracking. Get reminders and alerts for compliance requirements within your documents through granular reporting dashboards. Have dashboards convert supplier performance reports into meaningful insights within and across documents to drive long term value and improve operational efficiency.

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New software is hard to integrate and use across your organisation

Arteria’s data first philosophy ensures that your enterprise’s native data model underpins the documents and easily able to integrate with upstream and downstream systems within your organisation as data changes.

Once implemented, our no-code configuration suite will have your own team creating templates, clause libraries, data models workflows or adding new documents without the need to involve technical resources.

Industry leader in modernising digital documentation

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Software that boosts business impact

Arteria named one of 2023 Gartner® “Cool Vendors™ In Applying Generative AI To Banking”.

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