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TCAP Associates

We want to collaborate with like-minded businesses to empower them and us to achieve more for government and private sector clients.


We believe there is power in collaboration.

Whether you're new to freelancing or an experienced consultant, our program offers the opportunity to work under the TCAP "umbrella" and access a range of benefits.

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Could This Be for You?

The answer is probably “yes” if you’re:u Will Love


A first time “freelancer”

You want to consult but don’t have the infrastructure, panel memberships or other structures needed. 


Seeking a new challenge

You’re experienced and have recently moved from a partner or employee role somewhere and would value a soft landing momentarily.  


An experienced independent consultant 

You like the idea of a relationship with an established outfit where you can expand your pipeline by accessing opportunities you couldn’t otherwise or would like extra resources to work with.


A ‘would be’ partner or senior leader

You’ve earned your solid reputation and are respected for what you do, but it would be great to work with others on bigger projects on a more flexible basis.  

What You Will Receive

Full access to and use of a modern and comfortable established offices on Collins Street and all facilities including an email address if you need one.​


Convenience of an established brand, systems, processes, as well as panel work and other work on a non-exclusive basis.  


Access to people and expertise from a broader skill set to land opportunities you might not secure on your own independent basis.  


Placement on TCAP projects as an SME, on secondment to a client or team member in a consulting engagement generated by TCAP. 


A respectful, diverse, supportive and fun place to work when you want to, and the space to step back and do your own thing when you choose.

Beach Cabins

Our Commercial Arrangements with You

At TCAP, we understand that every consultant is unique, which is why we work closely with each individual to tailor a commercial arrangement that meets their specific needs.

Whether it's managing intellectual property, or providing financial rewards for new work introductions, TCAP is committed to creating a mutually beneficial relationship where everyone can thrive.



Reach out to one of the partners for a discussion.

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